Expert Panel Examines the Nuts and Bolts of Starting a Nonprofit

October 2nd, 2014

Last month, the WDCEP’s “Entrepreneur Road Map” zeroed in on nonprofits, and all of the resources available to current and aspiring members of DC’s robust nonprofit community to raise funds, grant opportunities, and creative strategies to take their organization to the next level.

Lafayette Barnes, Director of the DC Office of Partnerships and Grant Services, walked attendees through all of the available grants available through his agency, as well as tips for organizing and writing your proposal. Additionally, Barnes stressed the importance of partnerships in the nonprofit and association industry.

Kris Thompson, Executive Director of Calvary Women Services, shared best practices for running a nonprofit that she learned through personal experience. Thompson also encouraged nonprofit directors to diversify their funding through telling their organization’s story to donors and building a robust and engaged board.

Elnaz “elli” Anawar, a Business Banker with Capital One Bank, explained lending to nonprofit organizations from a banker’s point of view. She discussed what bankers look for when examining a borrower, highlighting the “5 C’s of Credit”: character, capacity, conditions, capital and collateral.

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