Executives Get Strategies for Employee Recruitment, Retention and Workforce Tax Incentives

On Wednesday, February 13th, Councilwoman Carol Schwartz, Chair of the Committee on Workforce Development & Government Operations, provided introductory remarks for the BusinessPremier Finding & Keeping Talent: Strategies for Workforce Development program. This event provided insight into the District’s skilled labor shortage, strategies to find and cultivate talent and initiatives and services that the District of Columbia provides to its business community.

Summer Spencer, Director for the Department of Employment Services (DOES), discussed the DOES First Source program and employer tax incentives such as:
Welfare to Work Tax Credit – up to $9,000 for each eligible new-hire during their first two years of work.
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit- up to $2,400 for each eligible new employee
The D.C. Employment Tax Credit- $3,000 in tax credit if they employ District residents in the Districts enterprise zones.
Customized Training Program- reimbursed for funds spent to train District residents maximum $500,000 per contract
For more information on these incentives review Chapter 6 of the Doing Business in DC Guide Book.

These government officials were joined by presentations on employer workforce initiatives by Margaret Singleton, Vice President of Workforce & Economic Development – DC Chamber of Commerce; employee recruitment and factors for temp vs. hire by Tanesha Willis, Division Director, Roberthalf; and cultivating “non-traditional” talent by Gina Shaefer, Owner, Logan Hardware. All presentations made are available for download in the events section of our website.
Please stay posted for information regarding the next upcoming BusinessPremier program on Financial Incentives for Small Businesses!

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