Environmental Aid

Interested in receiving a green roof subsidy? Building owners have until January 15 to apply for a grant through the District Department of the Environment (DDOE) and DC Greenworks, a non-profit social enterprise.

The subsidy will fund $3 per square foot of the green roof for each qualified project, with a cap of $12,000 per property. Eligible buildings within DC’s Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Zone can receive a grant through DDOE’s Watershed Protection Division’s Pilot Green Roof Subsidy Program, which began in July 2007 and is now in its fourth and final stage. DDOE anticipates funding future versions of the green roof subsidy.

To date, 13 green roof projects, from residential to larger commercial developments, have received a total of $80,000; $40,000 remains in the program, which promotes using green roofs to reduce storm water runoff. For more information about the program and to download an application, click here or contact Nora Shepard at 202.518.6195, or nora@dcgreenworks.org

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