Emerging Retail Opportunities Along the Waterfront

This week’s announcement of the Anacostia Waterfront Corporation’s selection of the team led by PN Hoffman/Struever Bros. Eccles & Rouse to redevelop the District’s 50-acre Southwest waterfront into a vibrant $500 million maritime-themed mix of housing, shopping and entertainment was welcome news for the ongoing redevelopment of the southeast and southwest waterfront areas.

Combined with the construction of the new Nationals’ ballpark on South Capitol Street, the Anacostia Waterfront area comprises 1 million square feet of new retail opportunity sites in the District of Columbia.

It is with great anticipation that I will serve as moderator of The Anacostia Waterfront – Emerging Retail Opportunities. Sponsored by the International Council of Shopping Centers, the luncheon program will take place on Tuesday, October 10, 11:30am-2:00pm, at the Grand Hyatt Washington.

Washington, DC Economic Partnership’s Keith Sellars secured the participation of Monty Hoffman, CEO of PN Hoffman to join the panel, which includes Adrian Washington, President and CEO, Anacostia Waterfront Corporation; Monty Hoffman, CEO, PN Hoffman; Herbert Miller, President, Western Development; Harriet Edwards White, Vice President, Forest City Washington; and Bill Krokowski, Vice President, Monument Realty.

Discussion will focus on the vision for the Anacostia Waterfront and key projects underway, including the new Nationals’ Ballpark, Southwest Waterfront redevelopment, Southeast Federal Center, and Arthur Capper/Carrollsburg redevelopment.

The discussion should prove stimulating and the program will be well attended. Thanks to Keith Sellars, Vice President, Development and Retail, for arranging the program. To register for the program, click here.

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