DoingBusiness2.0 Panel Teaches How to Start & Sustain a Nonprofit

August 7, 2013

On July 10th, WDCEP hosted its monthly Doing Business 2.0 speaker series with this month’s focus on how to Start and Sustain A Nonprofit in DC. Nonprofit industry specialists discussed matters of what exactly it takes to begin and advance a nonprofit organization in the District of Columbia. The specialists guided individuals with aspirations of building their own nonprofits, and answered questions of strategic plan development, registration of the organization, development of bylaws, obtaining grants, and much more. With the help of these seasoned industry experts, individuals are more than likely to enter the nonprofit arena with a better foundation on the nonprofit start up process, as well as the specifics and formalities that are necessary to keep their nonprofits afloat.

These seasoned industry experts include:

George Constantine, a partner at Venable LLP, as well as a legal counselor and advocate for many types of nonprofit organizations discussed the basic framework of a nonprofit organization and what exactly it takes to start one. He advised the audience on topics of establishing a mission statement as the foundation that the organization will be built upon, issues of researching the arena of existing nonprofits with similar goals and missions, and matters of evaluating the probability of receiving the necessary funding and resources to build the organization.

Lafayette A. Barnes, director of the Office of Partnerships and Grant Services (OPGS), leads Washington D.C.’s competitive grant development process, as well as the policies and procedures regarding the authorization of the use of private donations made to the government. He discussed the various benefits that DC OPGS affords to both new and existing DC based nonprofit organizations. Services that DC OPGS provides include those of grant and resource development, organizational development training, proposal-writing tips, and much more.

Diana Peacock, a director at Community Wealth Partners, has also worked with a broad range of nonprofits and foundations on business planning, problem solving, and strategy design. She is an expert in earned income strategies and sustainability, initiating multi-million dollar efforts to bolster nonprofits in Northern Texas, Cincinnati, and Philadelphia. Ms. Peacock spoke to the audience of prospective nonprofit beginners about social enterprises, defining their impact as an organization, especially in complex scenarios, as well as how to tailor their nonprofit organizations to meet growing needs and solve social issues.

To learn more about creating and launching your own nonprofit organization in DC, download the DC Doing Business Guide and read the “Starting Your Own Nonprofit” section, or watch past Doing Business 2.0 video presentations.

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