District’s 100G Network Brings New Opportunities for Internet Service Providers

With its new high-speed fiber network, the D.C. Community Access Network (DC-CAN) announced December 7 that the District has become the first city in the nation with its own 100 gigabits-per-second network.

This ultra-high-speed network allows “last-mile” service providers (who provide Internet access to end users) to take immediate advantage of low-cost services via DC-CAN, thus enabling them to bring affordable broadband services to residents and businesses in underserved areas of the city.

Mayor Gray speaks at DC-CAN event
Mayor Gray speaks at a DC-CAN event

Internet services providers of all stripes, from established providers to local startups, can take advantage of DC-CAN “middle-mile” services. In addition to low-cost pricing and high network reliability, DC-CAN is offering other financial incentives to providers willing to bring services into areas of the city with low broadband adoption rates.

“With this 100G connection, we are making history by providing state-of-the-art network capacity that will serve the District’s economic growth well into the 21st century,” said Mayor Gray.

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