Decompress in the District with recharj®

DC, while the most educated city in the US, could also very well be one of the most stressed. With so many busy professionals and a thriving millennial population, there could be no better company to support this high-energy culture than recharj. recharj is a modern meditation and power nap studio, located in Downtown DC, that gives people a space to recharge during the workweek. We had a chance to speak with Daniel Turissini, Founder and CEO, about his restorative startup. He shared how burnout led to the creation of this impactful meditation space.

From Burnout to Ideation

While working in the corporate business world, Daniel felt extremely fatigued and knew that his current situation was not sustainable. Looking for relief, he turned to Google. Through his extensive research he found that sleep was the main answer to his problems. Daniel, determined to increase is sleep, started looking for somewhere he could go to re-energize during the work day, but nothing had quite what he was looking for – power naps.

In in effort to both to eliminate his fatigue and help others experiencing similar burnout, Daniel launched recharj in 2016. With our culture of cubicles, connectivity, and caffeine, among other things, Daniel aimed to bring the life back into work-life. recharj is on mission to do exactly that and help people overcome issues caused by stifling office environments and workloads, through destigmatizing meditation and showing DC that meditation reduces stress, enhances cognition, improves health, and builds community.

Mindfulness-Based Programming

As soon as we entered the recharj flagship studio, we immediately began to decompress. It’s a true ‘oasis’. The space is complete with green turf, soft drapes, white noise, and comfortable ‘pillow’ seating. These calming features, paired with complimentary tea, helped our team instantly relax. It isn’t just us, recharj runs full, research-backed programming to help people to restore and regenerate their minds.

Daniel’s partner and Chief Experience Officer Christine Marcella brings her mindfulness expertise to recharj. She carefully develops recharj programming and leads teacher trainings. recharj classes include self-guided meditation, guided meditations focused on breath, mindfulness, deep rest, sound meditation and more, as well as power naps. These classes fit perfectly into busy schedules, so be sure to visit and try your first 10 days for $10! Looking ahead, recharj will continue to reach Washingtonians through its flagship location and weekend events like Rooftop Mindful Yoga at the Watergate Hotel. Additionally, recharj offers corporate events to boost mindfulness and productivity in the workplace. We definitely believe that recharj is positively impacting the District, and know that Washingtonians will continue to embrace recharj with an open-mind.


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