DCMC Spotlights Platinum Level Sponsor: Atlantic Video

Atlantic Video is the District’s premiere broadcast production management company.

For over 20 years Atlantic Video has specialized in bringing high-end network programming to the Washington, DC television market. Atlantic Video is headquartered in Washington DC and has another primary facility in New York as well as five remote studios in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver and Los Angeles.

Atlantic Video offers a broad range of audio and visual services as well as broadcast management and transmissions capabilities.Atlantic Video, located at the Washington Television Center, currently hosts two daily ESPN shows and over 30 network specials.

In 2003, Atlantic Video realized the value that the Washington, DC Marketing Center business attraction and retention programs have on the District’s business environment and became a Platinum Level sponsor. As a result of that sponsorship, Atlantic Video helped create, build and implement the Marketing Center’s new high-profile website that features interactive database search mechanisms.

Todd Mason, Atlantic Video’s president, further explains Atlantic’s contribution, “The success of Washington, DC is dependant on getting out the message that the District is not only the culmination of an entrepreneurial, government and corporate-friendly environment but also a residential powerhouse. We recognized that the Washington, DC Marketing Center does an outstanding job of relaying that message and in turn we hope that Atlantic Video’s financial support shows our commitment to the Marketing Center and Washington’s community.”

To learn more about Atlantic Video’s services, people, or contributions to the community, visit their website at www.atlanticvideo.com

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