DC Neighborhoods on Flickr

The Washington, DC Economic Partnership’s Neighborhood Profiles promote 37 vibrant DC neighborhoods. This educational tool gives prospective business owners a feel for what each neighborhood is like, from demographics, to walkability, to existing retail and development projects. Now prospective business owners and DC enthusiasts alike can get an even better idea of what these neighborhoods are like by visiting the WDCEP’s Flickr account. The WDCEP has created photo sets for each neighborhood, containing 10-15 photos per neighborhood, depicting exciting businesses and major streets.

The WDCEP staff has done the leg work, and now prospective business owners can reap the benefits of a tour through each neighborhood – by photo. For example, the Georgetown neighborhood Flickr set features photos of the Apple Store, The North Face store, Georgetown Cupcake, and CB2. For those considering business opportunities in Deanwood, there are pictures of the metro station, Marvin Gaye Park and the A-1 Grocery Store. The image galleries are designed to give business owners a real feel for DC’s neighborhoods as they are considering different site locations throughout the District.

Check out the WDCEP’s DC Neighborhood Collection on Flickr here.

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