DC Entrepreneurs Learn About Labor Laws & How to Find Talent

May 15, 2013

On April 10th, 2013, the WDCEP hosted a panel program featuring experts on job market talent and labor laws as part of its monthly Doing Business 2.0 series. The event, Finding Talent and Labor Laws, introduced attendees to the skills necessary for employment in today’s job market and outlined, for employers, strategies on how to capture and keep talent for their organizations.

Sharif Shaarawy, Program Analyst of the Department of Employment Services, started off the series with a detailed presentation about the District’s OneCity•OneHire initiative, an employer-driven hiring initiative with the goal of putting DC residents back to work. Key components of the OneCity•OneHire include the on-the-job training program, apprenticeship program , senior and veterans’ employment program, project empowerment, and work opportunity tax credit. Mr. Shaarawy went on to discuss the benefit for employers and how the OneCity•OneHire helps employers save time and money while removes the frustration of finding the right employees. View his entire presentation here.

Gustavo Velaquez, Director of DC Office of Human Rights, explained the mission of DC OHR is to eradicate discrimination, increase equal opportunity, and protect human rights for persons who live, work, or visit the District. He informed the audience about the 19 protected groups, the different types of employment discrimination, and the complaint process. See his presentation below for more information. View his entire presentation here.

Lastly, Delvin Keating, Chief Operating Officer of Fobogro, discussed the challenges of employee hiring and training for Fobogro’s unique neighborhood grocery store. He wrapped up the seminar by talking about the lessons he learned before and after he tapped into the resources provided by the Department of Employment Services. He also gave a few invaluable tips to companies interested in utilizing any of the OneCity•OneHire programs.

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