Convention Center Demolition Underway

On Saturday, December 18, 2004 a portion of the former DC Convention Center site located at New York Avenue and 11th Street was imploded to make way for future development on the site. Demolition of the remaining building is expected to be completed by late spring 2005.

The site will become a temporary open space that will accommodate 1,000 cars on a short-term basis to serve parking needs of area restaurants and retail. The space will additionally act as a venue for festivals, flea/farmers markets, displays and cultural activities.

The plans call for 10th Street to open as a pedestrian only thoroughfare and “art corridor” that will bridge the neighborhoods to the north and south of the site. An “amenity zone” along the perimeter will buffer views of the parking lot while providing various spaces for vending, eating, bus shelters and landscaping.

While the site will not be fully redeveloped for at least three years, the interim use is slated for completion in early fall 2005.

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