100+ Coworking Spaces in DC

Coworking spaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but at their core they are essentially workplaces that are shared by employees from different companies, freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs, and many others. These shared spaces provide the diverse professionals that they serve benefits such as a professional work environment, workplace technologies, networking opportunities, flexible hours, and unique amenities. Furthermore, DC’s business community thrives on the convenience and diversity of these shared work spaces.

Coworking Options

There are over 100 shared workplaces throughout DC that offer everything from individual offices to on-demand room access. Although open desks are the most prevalent option available throughout the city, there are a variety of unique workspaces including:

  1. Open Desks – shared tables or areas where workers can come and go freely
  2. Private Offices – reservable offices for teams or individuals
  3. On-Demand – space that can be accessed as needed
  4. Incubators + Accelerators – provide mentorship, support, and networking opportunities in addition to a work space
  5. Food Incubators – provide access to a kitchen and food prep locations


There are a variety of coworking options across the city, but a large portion of the coworking spaces available in DC are located in one of the eleven Business Improvement Districts (BID). The DowntownDC BID has the largest collection of coworking spaces with 35 and the Golden Triangle BID is home to the next largest amount of coworking spaces in the District with 19. Additionally, 35 coworking spaces are not located in any BID and are labeled as “Other” in the following graph.

Multiple Locations

There are 44 different businesses that operate a coworking space in the District included in our coworking map and 15 of these companies operate multiple locations. In fact, over 70% of the 106 shared workplaces in DC are operated by these same 15 companies. Additionally, the following 5 companies operate almost 50% of all the locations in DC:

  1. WeWork (16 locations)
  2. Regus (11 locations)
  3. Breather (10 locations)
  4. Carr Workplaces (7 locations)
  5. Make Offices (6 locations)

While the above companies make up a majority of the coworking options in the District, there are also 29 businesses in operation that only operate a single location.


The number of coworking spaces in DC has steadily risen since we started to track locations in 2015. In fact, the number of coworking spaces on our map has grown by over 100% since 2015 and over 20 new shared workspaces were added in the last year alone.

The incredible growth visualized in the above graph can be attributed to a variety of businesses that were in different stages of their development when they opened. For instance, existing businesses that have been operating in DC for years, such as WeWork, have opened multiple locations in the District, successful coworking spaces that have traditionally operated outside of DC, such as the Bond Collection, have expanded their business to DC, and new businesses altogether have opened their doors for the first time in DC.

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