Changing Lanes: DC’s 44 Road & Trail Construction Projects

As seasonal changes make way for new growth – DC’s transportation system makes room for renewal and updates with 44 transit projects underway in Washington, DC.

Currently, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has 44 road and trail projects currently underway. Just as autumn brings a sense of change with the shift in color and temperature to prepare for a new growth in the spring, DC’s infrastructure transitions are important for the city’s viability and creating an atmosphere for business growth.

DDOT manages hundreds of projects across all eight wards in Washington, DC. As a federally funded organization, they ensure that DC’s transportation network is properly maintained and improved on an ongoing basis.

Currently, seven projects are under study, with 19 in design phase, 16 under conscrutction, and two completed.

Review DC’s Changing Lanes Map.

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