Beware the W-2 Filing Guidelines for DC Employers

Just when you thought you could relax, (the writers’ strike is over and Super Tuesday is behind us), the DC Office of Tax and Revenue wants to remind DC employers about W-2 submission guidelines.  All DC employers with more than 50 employees must submit their W-2 forms using electronic media. The office accepts diskettes, CD-ROMs, and IBM 3480 cartridges. Currently, the office cannot process W-2 submissions through the internet but plans to offer this option next year. Employers with fewer than 50 employees may submit their forms using either magnetic media or paper. Forms are due February 29, 2008.   To learn more, visit the DC Office of Tax and Revenue website at under “Tax Form/Publications”, “Business Tax Forms, “Withholding” or call (202) 442-6313.

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