AccelerateDC Welcomes Two New Ventures

June 16, 2016

The AccelerateDC team is proud to accept two new DC tech companies, Hydroviv and Shiplync, into our venture mentoring program following their presentations to the mentors this month.

Hydroviv is a consumer-facing drinking water filtration unit that can be custom tailored to differ93d3773306d19c5b513d6a3e5e44bbfc_XLent cities’ tap waters, ensuring that customers have the best—and not national average—standards for their water. Chemist Eric Roy explained that cities other than Flint have historically had unsafe drinking water, like New York City, where drinking water has had higher lead levels than the federal threshold. In scenarios like these, along with various other tap water contaminants, Roy said Hydroviv’s easy-to-install Tailored Tapwater System is the best choice to guarantee safe drinking water for your home or business. Hydroviv is headquartered in the heart of H St. NE and manufactures its units in the USA.

ShipLync  is a mobile-based business platform that gives users immediate quotes from logistics service proicon175x175viders so that manufacturers can get the best possible deals on freight shipping. With the hundreds of providers connected with ShipLync, userscan save money on shipping in just minutes—features that competitors don’t offer. ShipLync is a Vinetta Project Female Founder Pitch Finalist, was recently featured by Forbes, and has saved its largest clients tens of thousands of dollars in shipping costs.

AccelerateDC is pleased to welcome these two exciting ventures to the team. To learn more about AccelerateDC and how we’re helping early stage technology-based companies, visit or contact Erica Moore.


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