A Message to Our Community

I am lost for words to describe the depth of sadness and pain I feel for our country and the community in which we live and work.

Over the past few months, we have been contending with the COVID-19 pandemic which has affected everyone.  This has brought on significant pain, loss, and anxiety for many.

Centuries of systemic racism in our country is now being discussed and elevated at an unprecedented level and rightfully so. This is quite the collision of events that are occurring at this moment.

I believe we must make our views clear to our partners, constituents, and the communities we support and serve. Silence ignores and perpetuates racism, bias, and injustice.

The Washington DC Economic Partnership stands in solidarity with the protestors in condemning violence and discrimination against black people.

During this turbulent time, we are reflecting on how we can support the communities that we serve at an even higher level.  We are resolute in our commitment to amplify and advance the black entrepreneurs and establishments that are a part of the fabric of DC.

We will be here to learn and take the actions that are required to drive change together. And if you see an opportunity for us to do more, please reach out. We’re listening.

Keith Sellars
Keith Sellars
President & CEO

Ways You Can Help



  • NAACP Legal Defense Fund
    Committed to defending civil rights and advancing the cause of racial justice, the NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund is a great place to demonstrate support for building an inclusive and equitable future.
  • Black Lives Matter East of the River Mutual Aid
    With all that is happening, we shouldn’t forget our neighbors who may need some extra assistance at this time—donating to BLM’s East of the River Mutual Aid fund supports the distribution of resources during this pandemic.
  • DC Small Business Resilience Fund
    As a community we can come together to rebuild—better, stronger, and more inclusive than what existed in the past. Donating to the Small Business Resilience Fund supports the creation of new storefronts for District businesses.


  • Black Lives Matter Quick Links for Ways to Help
    A comprehensive hub of information on how to get informed, involved, and take action.
  • How to Protest Safely
    Peaceful protesting should still be approached with precaution—here are some great tips on how to safely engage in this civil right.
  • Complete the 2020 Census
    By completing the census, you are participating in the accurate representation of and allocation of funds to your community. This is a once in a decade opportunity to directly impact your local community.
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