Roslyn Hopkins-Fernandes

In this month’s Board Spotlight, we’re proud to share words of wisdom from Roslyn Hopkins-Fernandes, a member of WDCEP’s Board of Directors. Roslyn currently serves as Director of Account Management, Major Accounts & Public Sector Markets for United Healthcare

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received from someone else (at any point) in your career?

Roslyn Hopkins-Fernandes (RHF): Don’t focus on what everyone else is doing. Instead, stay true to your goals and keep involved in your community because your power lies in being the most impactful version of yourself.

How does community play a role in your day to day at work?

(RHF): As the Director of Account Management for Major Accounts and Public Sector Markets at UnitedHealthcare, I lead a team responsible for educating our clients and demonstrating how our tools and services help people live healthier lives and make the healthcare system work better for everyone. Our goal is to enable our customers to use our services to make better healthcare decisions that can lead to better outcomes.

Additionally, I’m active in the communities we have the privilege to serve. I am passionate about helping our disadvantaged communities and our youth. My goal is to give back by offering my time, talent, and treasure daily to those with the most need. UnitedHealthcare has provided me with the opportunity to meet this goal continuously.

What does leadership mean to you?

(RHF): I define true leadership as getting others to follow because you inspire them, not because they are expected to follow your lead.

Servant leaders are the best leaders because they strive to serve others rather than themselves. Good leaders look for the best in people. They embrace differences because it provides a different perspective and lens to evaluate a situation. They encourage independent thought and celebrate success as well as failures because failures offer the opportunity for improvement.

What has been an invaluable learning lesson from a challenge you’ve faced in your career?

(RHF): Be true to yourself. Don’t change who you are to fit someone else’s vision of you. If you’re not accepted for who you are, find a place where you are celebrated for being yourself.

Don’t let fear of failure keep you from making a change. Instead, think of failures as necessary steps to success. Lean into taking chances because you only live once.

What is something you are excited to either solve or spearhead in the next five years?

(RHF): I look forward to being able to support young people from underserved communities in their journey to economic freedom, mental wellness, and safety. It breaks my heart to see so many of our youth left behind. Also, I am passionate about ensuring our seniors enjoy their golden years. So, it would be nice to spearhead a program that provides solutions for these two goals.

In my spare time, I would like to try my hand at fixing up old homes. I enjoy watching fixer-up/renovation TV shows. I love southern living, so each house I renovate will have a good old fashion porch with a swing.

Roslyn Hopkins-Fernandes

Roslyn Hopkins-Fernandes,

Director of Account Management, Major Accounts & Public Sector Markets | United Healthcare

+ WDCEP Board of Directors

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