Mapping out economic sectors in Washington, DC

From number of bike share stations to the growth of co-working spaces in Washington, DC, WDCEP creates a monthly map on a specific economic sector of Washington, DC.

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20 New Retail Projects in Washington, DC

Washington, DC has remained on a growth trajectory in 2016 – it continues to attract

From Home to Office: Inside DC’s Journey to Work

With the proliferation of ride sharing apps, bike lanes, and telecommuting, the residents of Washington, DC commute to work in a variety of methods. See how they get to work in April’s Map of the Month.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Development in NoMa & Union Market

As Washington, DC development continues its eastward momentum, areas such as NoMa and Union Market are evolving into new mixed-use neighborhoods. Explore it now!

Map of the Month: DC’s 15 Major Developments in 2016

Ranging from office to retail, WDCEP features its top development projects for 2016. Explore it now!

Explore Washington, DC in 2030

Where will people work, dine, shop, socialize, and live in 2030 DC? For the vast majority, the answer will be near a Metrorail station.

Meet the 61 Exhibitors of the 2015 ECON Showcase

Explore where the 60+ DC organizations and businesses that showcased at WDCEP’s 2015 Annual Meeting are in DC.

Changing Lanes: DC’s 44 Road & Trail Construction Projects

As seasonal changes make way for new growth – DC’s transportation system makes room for renewal and updates with 43 transit projects underway in Washington, DC.

DC Goes Back to 16 New and Modernized Schools

With an estimated 50,000 D.C. students starting or returning this school year, WDCEP mapped 35 Department of General Services school construction projects, 16 of which will be completed this year alone.

The Shift from the Corporate Climb to the Coworking Community

In the District, more than 50 coworking spaces offer everything from individual office spaces within a shared address, a desk within a shared open space, or hourly workstations.

Summer Sports and Recreation Map

This month, WDCEP highlights sports and recreation spaces in the District. From the Nationals Ballpark to the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center, there are plenty of sporting events and activities for summer recreation.

Future Retail Hubs of Washington

This month’s Map of the Month features 9 projects, or “retail hubs”, that each deliver more than 50,000-sq.-ft. of retail space.

DC’s Biking Community Springing Forward

Washington, DC’s biking community has grown in leaps and bounds over the last several years.

DC Development Report’s Top 3 Projects by Sector

Showcasing the diversity in DC’s development activity.

Map of the Month: Condominium Development (2012-2015)

In this month’s Map of the Month, we are showcasing the recent and future growth of condominium development in Washington, DC.

Map of the Month: 10-Year DC Grocery Store Growth

The Washington, DC Economic Partnership has made a focused effort over the last 15 years to actively attract grocery stores.

Map of the Month: Recent Hotel Growth in DC

Washington, DC is riding a quiet, yet substantial wave of new hotel development, driven by growth in smaller hotels of around 150-250 hotel rooms.

Map of the Month: 7-Eleven Expansion in the District

In honor of summer, we’ve chosen to feature the District expansion of 7-Eleven, home of the Slupree.

Map of the Month: Expansion of DC-Incubated Retailers

Our goal this month is to showcase the retailers who chose Washington, DC as the city to locate their first brick-and-mortar store.

Map of the Month: Digital DC Tech Opportunities Corridor and Available Sites

WDCEP shows some office space currently available within the boundaries of the newly-established Digital DC Tech Corridor.

Map of the Month: Retail Opportunities Offering More Than 25,000 sq. ft. of Available Space

DC properties and projects that are currently available or actively under construction and have a total of more than 25,000 sq. ft. of available retail space.

Map of the Month: Office Development

For April’s map of the month, the WDCEP is featuring the top ten office development projects that have been recently completed, are under construction and are in the pipeline for construction.

Map of the Month: 2013 New Business Openings

With the recent release of the2014 Neighborhood Profiles, we have chosen this month to feature 2013’s retail growth throughout DC’s various neighborhoods.

Map of the Month: Capital Bikeshare in the Neighborhoods

This month, the WDCEP presents you with a handful of the most popular Bikeshare neighborhoods based on average monthly bike arrivals.

Map of the Month: DC Retail Projects Under Construction

This month’s map looks at what DC can expect in 2014 with regard to retail deliveries.

WDCEP Map of the Month: DC Development Report – Residential Highlights

This month’s map takes a closer look at the residential development growth occurring in the District of Columbia.