Entrepreneur Toolkit: Nonprofit

Your go-to resource for starting or growing a nonprofit in DC 

Nonprofits impact our communities and lives every day. A nonprofit organization is an incorporated organization
which exists for educational or charitable reasons, and from which its shareholders or trustees do not benefit financially. Nonprofit organizations are active in humanitarian aid, education, the arts, the environment,
animal protection and other endeavors. Washington, DC is home to the largest concentration of nonprofits and
associations in the United States with approximately 13,000 nonprofit organizations (Internal Revenue Service, Exempt Organizations Business Master File [June 2014]).

We created this Entrepreneur Toolkit specifically for DC nonprofit organizations to complement our more comprehensive and detailed DC Doing Business Guide, which you can download here or come by 1495 F St. NW to pick up your copy today! 

What you’ll find inside: 

  • The DC Advantage
  • Establishing a Nonprofit Organization
  • Regulations
  • Grants & Funding
  • Flexible Office Space & Other Resources
  • Connect with the DC Nonprofit Community
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Entrepreneur Toolkit: Nonprofit

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