2016/17 DC Doing Business Guide


WDCEP makes doing business in Washington, DC easier than ever

The 2016/2017 DC Doing Business Guide is an updated and improved version of the seventh edition released in 2015.

This guide covers the most current information essential to creating, relocating, and expanding your business in the District. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for some guidance on starting a business in DC or have an existing business that you are looking to relocate to DC, or you are a DC-based company seeking to understand local business resources, you will find this guide indispensable.

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Chapter Highlights & Overview

Initial Business Considerations | Download Chapter

Whether you are starting a new business or relocating an existing one, you will need to know the requirements of operating a business in the District of Columbia. If this is your first business venture, there are a number of factors that you need to consider which are listed in this chapter.

Business Registration & Licensing | Download Chapter

The process of obtaining licenses and registrations can be streamlined if you know what you need and where to find it. This chapter will help you navigate your way through the process of business regulations.

Business Financing |  Download Chapter

Most businesses need outside sources of financing to get established or to expand. As a world-class financial center, DC has many banking and financing institutions that can help a business meet its needs. This overview takes you through the basic steps of securing funding for your business.

Business Taxes | Download Chapter

There are two different classes of business taxes in the District: general business taxes and employer taxes. This chapter provides an overview of business and employer tax requirements in DC.

Financial Incentives | Download Chapter

Washington, DC offers a variety of business incentives for entrepreneurs looking to locate or expand their business in the District. Businesses are eligible for these incentives based on a variety of requirements, including location, type of business, and ownership structure.

Labor Laws & Finding Talent | Download Chapter

Finding talent is only the first step in the recruitment process; companies must also understand the relevant labor laws concerning the governance of employees. In order to hire a qualified employee, companies must consider a wide variety of traits, such as skill level, job flexibility, and experience. However, finding talent is only the first step in the recruitment process; companies must also understand the relevant labor laws concerning the governance of employees.

Business Insurance | Download Chapter

A significant part of planning to start any business is dealing with potential exposure to loss. By investing in commercial insurance you can transfer potential business-related risks to an insurance company for a price or premium.

Doing Business with Government | Download Chapter

The U.S. federal government is the largest buyer in the world, and as such, it acts as an economic engine that helps fuel the region’s job and population growth. DC businesses are highly favored when the federal and DC Governments need contracting. Both governments have offices or administrations that do all of their commercial contracting for them and other special programs for small, economically disadvantaged businesses.

Business Resources | Download Chapter

Contact information for all of the resources listed throughout the Guide can be found in the this chapter.

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2016/17 DC Doing Business Guide

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