Mission and Goals

Washington, DC’s presence at SXSW is designed to promote DC as a thriving creative and technology center.

In Austin, Texas, we are not just technology startups, artists, culinary experts, or musicians each working in a separate silo. We are all there as a part of Washington, DC’s fabric – each person a contributor to the shift of DC’s culture from political to cultural, innovative, and cool. At SXSW, we are all there to tell the #WeDC story.

Invest in New & Growing Business Sectors

The primary goal for DC’s attendance to SXSW is to increase the awareness of D.C. as a possible technology hub, locally and globally.

At SXSW, we are all there to tell the #WeDC story.

With the opportunity to get in front of more than 82,000 attendees in the innovation, technology, and creative space, DC’s activation is able to present DC as a viable option for new industries and entrepreneurs to consider as they develop growth plans and start up strategies.

Support Innovative Industries and Entrepreneurship

More than 300 members of the DC technology community (not including film and music communities) attend SXSW each year to market their companies to potential users, partners, and/or talent. WDCEP’s D.C. activation provides startups the opportunity to demo their company and provides them the support they need to get in front of a large audience.

Talent Attraction

Existing and prospective creative companies need access to talent. SXSW provides an opportunity to showcase the District of Columbia as an ideal city to live and work to over 35,000 millennial knowledge workers by promoting our unique cultural assets (art, music, film, culinary) as well as our innovative companies.