About AccelerateDC

We foster the growth of technology startups in Washington, DC

AccelerateDC Venture Mentoring Service is an initiative of the Washington, DC Economic Partnership that offers free and confidential mentoring for technology-based businesses in the DC area.

AccelerateDC VMS uses a team-based approach to mentoring where entrepreneurs are paired with a team of 3-5 experienced volunteer mentors who offer a wealth of knowledge, entrepreneurial business experience, and extensive networks to young entrepreneurs.

Through their expert advice, guidance, and connections, mentors can boost the chances of a startup’s success by motivating and mentoring founders during hard times and steering them through challenges and risks. Mentor guidance may be given across a broad range of business activities, including: how to perfect products and services, position a company for fundraising opportunities, identify new markets, explore intellectual property options, resolve founder issues, and much more.

What makes AccelerateDC different?

  • AccelerateDC provides a formal structure for mentoring which translates into efficient and organized progress for mentees.
  • AccelerateDC is a team-based program that provides 3-5 mentors with a range of perspectives and skill sets for each venture.
  • All mentors go through an extensive interview process to ensure they are qualified and are required to agree to a strict code of conduct.

How does the mentoring program work?

  • Services are free and confidential
  • Commitment to ventures are long-term. Ventures can stay in the program as long they like!
  • Mentors volunteer for each venture they work with based off of their ability to assist each venture with their particular needs
  • Mentor teams will change as a venture grows and their needs change
  • Ventures initiate all mentoring sessions so they can be mentored as little or as often as they choose

The Value of AccelerateDC

By taking part in a mentoring program, entrepreneurs can learn from the past successes and failures of our experienced mentors. This input can help determine a startup’s future direction in the dynamic business arena.

One of the critical benefits of becoming a part of this mentoring program is the opportunity to expand one’s network. Through our range of events as well as through the guidance itself, entrepreneurs will be able to not only connect with entrepreneurs who face the same struggles, but also potential customers.

The connection between mentors and entrepreneurs are designed to be long term. We understand that the process of developing and managing a business calls for continuous innovation. The need for change in many phases of a business is why having a long term relationship with a mentor can be so helpful.

Criteria to Apply

  • Must be an existing technology-based company beyond the idea stage in your business cycle
  • Must be located in the DC metro area
  • Venture must be a legal enterprise
  • Entrepreneur must be committed to growing their company

Apply to become a venture company in AccelerateDC.