NEW Entrepreneurship Toolkit: Makers & Creatives


Looking for information on how to start or grow your creative business? We’ve got you covered. DOWNLOAD NOW

Our new Entrepreneurship Toolkit outlines:

  1. Where to get funding
  2. Regulations you’ll need to know about
  3. Influential events, organizations and campaigns to get you noticed
  4. Government and community groups to support your work (including Made in DC certification details)
  5. Business, legal, and space-finding Resources


Creatives and makers cover a wide range of professionals in the art, food, beverage, digital, and entertainment industries and play an integral part in DC’s business and cultural communities. We’ve done all the preliminary research for you so that you can focus on bringing your business to life.

We created this Entrepreneur Toolkit specifically for DC makers and creatives to supplement our more comprehensive and detailed DC Doing Business Guide. You can download the DC Doing Business Guide here or come by 1495 F St. NW to pick up your copy today!

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