Minnesota & Benning


sq. ft. of new retail space to come online in 2014

450 employees at the new DOES HQ

new residences to deliver in 2014

$33.6 million Katz Properties purchase of the East River Park shopping center in 2012

New public and private investments are creating new opportunities all across the communities near Minnesota Avenue and Benning Road. Two Metrorail stations form the transportation hub for a variety of financial institutions, grocery stores, government offices and residential and retail developments.

Minnesota and Benning Ave MapThe intersection of Minnesota Avenue and Benning Road is becoming the renewed central commercial hub for the area, offering both daytime and evening customers. The Minnesota Avenue Metrorail station is now home to the 450-employee headquarters of the DC Department of Employment Services (DOES). In addition, Donatelli Development and Blue Skye Development will deliver their Park 7 project in early 2014 which will offer 22,000 square feet of retail space and 376 apartments adjacent to the Minnesota Avenue Metrorail station.

The DC Department of Transportation is currently conducting Streetcar extension studies to determine how to link the H Street/Benning Road streetcar line to the Minnesota Avenue or Benning Road Metrorail stations in the future.

Benning Road and Minnesota Avenue are designated Great Streets by the District government and as funds become available existing small businesses and new businesses will have the opportunity to apply for up to $85,000 in reimbursable grants for the purpose of capital expenditures.

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