The Washington, DC retail market is consistently viewed as one of the top retail markets in the United States

Diverse Customers
The District of Columbia offers an increasing residential base (617,996 – a 2.7% increase from 2010) and a solid daytime population of more than one million people. As an international market DC attracts an additional 17.3 million visitors who spend $5.68 billion. Situated in the center of the nation’s fourth largest metropolitan region, DC offers the prime location to tap into 6.2 million people whose median household income is approximately $85,168.

Washington, DC has been ranked the #1 retail investment market by both Marcus and Millichap and ChainLinks & Terranomics.

Retailers, Restaurants & Grocery Stores
National chains such as Apple, Best Buy and Target have recognized the spending power of DC’s residents and local retailers such as Bus Boys & Poets, Georgetown Cupcake and Ben’s Chili Bowl have become icons in their respective neighborhoods. New grocery stores continue to open on a yearly basis and existing stores are being modernized. Since 2000, 17 new or modernized grocery stores have opened in DC.

Increasing Sales
With an estimated $10.4 billion in taxable retail and restaurant sales in 2009—a 55% increase since 1999—it is clear that retailers and shoppers alike have a renewed confidence in DC as a retail hot spot. With an estimated retail leakage of $1 billion annually there are still plenty of opportunities to open new retail stores.

Retail & Restaurant Sales Graph

If you are looking for demographics, an overview of DC’s neighborhoods and their opportunities or site location assistance the WDCEP can assist your business.

Sources: Destination DC (2010); Greater Washington Initiative; Social Compact; Office of the Chief Financial Officer (Revenue Chapter from the Budget and Financial Plan)

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