Grocery Store Growth in Washington, DC

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Grocery stores are economic and social hubs that can transform neighborhoods. Many of DC’s neighborhoods have been revitalized by new grocery stores, most notably Logan Circle with the arrival of Whole Foods at 14th & P Streets in 2000. Since then, 31 additional new or modernized grocery stores have opened in DC since 2000.

To view existing, pipeline and potential grocery sites please visit our Grocery Store Opportunities map.

New Grocery Stores (since 2000)

StoreLocationSq. Ft.Delivery
(1) replacement store | (2) Pipeline | (3) closed (2014)
Whole Foods Market1440 P Street, NW42,0002000
Giant1050 Brentwood Road, NE54,0002002
Giant (1)1345 Park Road, NW53,0002005
Trader Joes1101 25th Street, NW11,8002006
Yes! Organics3809 12th Street, NE7,2002006
Giant1535 Alabama Avenue, SE66,0002007
Harris Teeter1391 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE47,0002008
Harris Teeter1631 Kalorama Road, NW37,0002008
Safeway490 L Street, NW59,0002008
Yes! Organics4100 Georgia Avenue, NW11,0002008
Yes! Organics2123 14th Street, NW6,0002008
Safeway (1)1855 Wisconsin Avenue, NW71,0002010
Safeway (1)401 M Street, SW55,0002010
Harris Teeter1st & M Streets, NE50,0002010
Fairlawn Market (3)2323 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE7,5002010
Whole Foods Market22nd & I Streets, NW37,0002011
Aldi901 17th Street, NE17,9002011
Yes! Organics (1)410 8th Street, SE4,1152012
CostcoNew York & South Dakota Avenue, NE154,0004Q 2012
Sav-A-Lot680 Rhode Island Avenue, NE2013
Glens Garden Market2001 S Street, NW8,4002Q 2013
Giant3rd & H Streets, NE41,2002013
Giant (1)7th & O Streets, NW75,0004Q 2013
Walmart1st & H Streets, NW76,0004Q 2013
Walmart5929 Georgia Avenue, NW106,0004Q 2013
Trader Joe's14th & U Streets, NW15,1001Q 2014
Safeway (1)3830 Georgia Avenue, NW62,0002Q 2014
Streets Market and Cafe2400 14th Street, NW9,0002Q 2014
Harris Teeter1212 4th Street, SE50,0004Q 2014
Giant (1)3336 Wisconsin Avenue, NW56,0004Q 2014
MOM's1501 New York Avenue, NE16,0004Q 2014
Union Kitchen Grocery 538 3rd Street, NE1,0003Q 2015
Glens Garden Market1924 8th Street, NW4,8004Q 2015
WalmartSouth Dakota Avenue & Riggs Road, NE120,0004Q 2015
Whole Foods600 block of H Street, NE39,0001Q 2017
Union Kitchen Grocery801 Mount Vernon Place, NW2,2001Q 2017
Whole Foods (2)New Jersey Avenue & Eye Street, SE36,0002017
Streets Market and Cafe1221 Massachusetts Avenue NWQ3 2017
Trader Joe's (2)700 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE11,000Q4 2017
Trader Joe's (2)340 Florida Avenue, NE15,0002018
Union Kitchen Grocery (2)1301 K Street NW7,0002017/18
Whole Foods (2)965 Florida Avenue, NW41,0002019/20
Safeway (1, 2)415 14th Street, SE50,000TBD
Harris Teeter (2)Georgia & Eastern Aves., NW50,000TBD
Harris Teeter (2)North Capitol St & Michigan Ave., NW53,000TBD
Wegmans (2)3900 Wisconsin Avenue, NW~90,000TBD

Qualified grocery stores can also take advantage of tax credits via the Supermarket Tax Exemption Act of 2000. DC exempts the owner of a qualified supermarket in a priority development area from sales taxes on the purchase of building materials and equipment for construction or substantial rehabilitation of a qualified supermarket and exempts the qualified supermarket from the payment of license fees, personal property taxes and real property taxes levied on the supermarket for 10 years. For more information please download the Supermarket Tax Credits one-page summary.

However, there is still plenty of opportunities for more grocery stores. A 2010 study, When Healthy Food is Out of Reach, found that DC’s 43 full-service grocery stores are not distributed evenly across the city and there is a significant “grocery gap” in Wards 4, 5, 7 and 8.

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