By Chad Shuskey, Senior VP, Research & Visual Communications, Washington DC Economic Partnership

    Fifteen years ago, the Washington DC Economic Partnership (WDCEP) began to track the development and construction activity occurring in DC and published the first DC Development Report in 2002. At that time the WDCEP's development database contained 556 projects (compared to 1,700 projects as of August 2015). Projects such as the old convention center site (now CityCenterDC), Southwest Waterfront (now The Wharf) and I-395 Air Rights (now Capitol Crossing) were considered part of the long-term pipeline - projects that were not expected to not break ground for several years.

    Today those projects' initial phases, along with numerous other neighborhood-defining developments, have been completed or underway. Of the 388 projects in the pipeline, nearly all are scheduled to be completed (or at least initial phases underway) over the next 15-20 years. While DC's real estate market and project plans will no doubt evolve by 2030, as well as new project announcements, this pipeline data provides a roadmap to where DC's future growth will occur.


    According to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Government (COG), by 2030 Washington, DC is projected to have 944,096 employees and a population of 808,718 - an increase of 160,639 (21%) and 206,954 (34%), respectively, from the 2010 base. Where will these people work, dine, shop, socialize and live? For the vast majority the answer will be near a Metrorail station.

    There are nearly 159 million square feet under construction and in the development pipeline - 78% will be built within a half-mile of a Metrorail station. The map on the opposite page details the square feet of development within a half-mile each Metrorail station is projected to experience over the next 15 years. In general, the neighborhoods in the eastern portion of DC will see the most growth, especially those near the Green Line south of the National Mall and Red Line north of the Mall.


    The DC Development Report is a summary of the major development and construction projects in the District of Columbia. WDCEP tracks major development/construction projects throughout the year and performs an annual "development census" in the month of August. This research and outreach receives contributions from more than 100 developers, architects, contractors, and economic development organizations and results in updates to more than 400 projects. While our database of projects is constantly being updated, for the purposes of this publication all data reflects project status, design, and information as of August 2015.