We know Washington, DC

The team at the Washington DC Economic Partnership is a collaboration of experts, analysts, and communicators.

With a top tier leadership panel that directly communicates between the private and public sectors to economic data analysts and researchers, and communications and business development professionals, WDCEP’s established team provides a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and network in the field of economic development in Washington, DC.

Interested in joining the WDCEP team?

Executive Leadership

Keith Sellars

President & CEO

(202) 661-8670 |

Mr. Sellars has successfully led initiatives to attract national and local retailers to Washington, DC including Target, Best Buy, Harris Teeter, Trader Joe’s, Apple, Whole Foods and Costco. He has also played a significant role in developing structures to make WDCEP a successful organization.

Chad Shuskey

Senior Vice President, Research & Real Estate

(202) 661-8674 |

Mr. Shuskey is instrumental in positioning the organization as an information clearinghouse and a leader in research on real estate development and construction activity in Washington, DC.

Tiffany Thacker

Vice President, Programs

(202) 661-8678 |

Ms. Thacker manages and leads the venture/mentor program, Accelerate DC, and the District’s technology business growth initiatives under the Digital DC platform. She also leads the programming of Washington, DC’s presence at SXSW each March.

Retail & Neighborhood Development

Derek Ford

Senior Vice President, Emerging and Underserved Neighborhoods

(202) 661-8673 |

Mr. Ford is responsible for attracting and creating retail and commercial development opportunities and to stimulate economic growth for District neighborhoods.

Technology & Entrepreneurship

Kevin Morgan

Director, Tech Sector Attraction & Retention

(202) 661-8675 |

Kevin Morgan helps socially driven startups, companies, and nonprofits turn ideas into products and products into well-run organizations that achieve measurable impact.

Marketing & Communications

Emily Rasowsky

Director of Marketing and Communications

(202) 661-8679 |

Emily manages the strategic marketing and communications efforts of the organization, including providing counsel to WDCEP executives and board officers.

Research & Real Estate

Veronica Miniello

Research Analyst

(202) 661-8683 |

Ms. Miniello is responsible for the WDCEP’s proprietary real estate databases. She conducts outreach among the WDCEP’s network of partners to bolster the quantity and accuracy of District-wide real estate and business data.

Operations & Administration

PèTrina Paxton-Thompson

Manager of Operations

(202)661-8676 |

PèTrina Paxton-Thompson is the Manager of Operations for the Washington, DC Economic Partnership. Mrs. Paxton-Thompson is responsible for managing the organization’s financial and accounting policies, systems and processes, tax and regulatory requirements, and ongoing financial modeling and reporting.

Paul Bradfield

Administrative Associate

(202) 661-8670 |

Paul serves as the Washington DC Economic Partnership’s (WDCEP) Administrative Associate. His duties include day-to-day office operations and supporting the President & CEO.

Business Development & Strategic Alliances

Kristina Noell

Business Development & Strategic Alliances

(202) 661-8693 |

Ms. Noell leads the business development and strategic alliances effort for the overall growth strategy for the WDCEP.